During the summer of 2009 I created the video animations for a musical-theatrical performance, in collaboration with the stage designer/costume maker of the show, Maria Kougioumtzi. The production was on Astor Piazzolla and Horacio Ferrer 's masterpiece "Maria de Buenos Aires", a unique musical piece, the only one that has been listed as 'tango operita'. It was presented in Rafina, Greece by The Fugata Quintet, a London based music group playing Nuevo Tango, joined by an international group of talented singers, actors, instrumentalists and dancers.
The designer's concept of the scenery was to explore the interaction between media art and space. This included both small-scale constructions and animated videos that were projected at the background of the scene. My tasks were both technical and compositional: some of the animations were produced using the designer's sketches and digital images, while in others I was also involved in the creative process. Our work began months before the performance and continued with our full time participation to the rehearsals in order to achieve a homogenous and coherent result.
Spyros K.